Google Search: Hyper-visibility as a Means of Rendering Black Women and Girls Invisible

The only truly human body is the white body. Capitalism is the logical consequence of this. The challenge for societies across the globe is to nurture and defend alternative versions of being human. This stems from pervasive socio-political and cultural notions that black bodies can a be commodified, hence b be consumed and, when of no use, c killed. The consistency with which black people are made disposable is a result of the global grip of white economic templates. This instinct to consume black bodies has a name in some cultures, and Wetiko is one name given to it by the First Nations Peoples. The march was part of a feminist global organizing platform for movement building, strengthening solidarities and critical rethinking of alternatives in relation to emergent post-capitalist rhetorics. In the conversations building up to the march, community workers from across the Americas and the African continent met to share the contexts of their different geographies and collate new organizing principles. What became apparent in this conversation was the similarity in the lived experiences of young black people in these different contexts.

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He researches and publishes on media and identity, electronic gaming and queer theory. Discourse, Identity, Time and Play in the Production of the Gamer Addiction Myth by Rob Cover Although the vast majority of studies undertaking the examination of electronic games and the emergence of a gaming culture deny that games are addictive, a stereotype of the game player as addicted continues to circulate in various strands of ego-psychology and pedagogical study and, with greater force and political affect, in popular culture, news media and governmental rhetoric.

Unlike writers such as Young who lump games and online use together and read interactivity and immersion as addiction, there is clearly a strand in popular discourse that seeks to celebrate one over the other, and to accuse games for their addictiveness. What is at stake is how the various sets of knowledges that produce and affirm the stereotype of the addicted game player are produced and circulated. Stereotypes link an image to an idea Rosello, , fixing a long-term relation between the imaginary figure of the game player and the idea that gameplaying is addictive.

A misshapen, aimless midlife crisis travelogue/romance with discourses on the the repression and inequity of Saudi Arabia, dating in the Advertisements Movie Nation.

Algorithms are now inescapably e Algorithms are now inescapably embedded into everyday life transforming processes and objects from cultural artefacts into ” smart ” systems. But unlike most algorithms, which are obscured behind the black box of post-industrial processes, intelligent personal assistant softwares such as Apple’s Siri are imbued with voice and personality.

That is, they are given a materiality and tangibility. This paper aims to interrogate the nature of this materiality, and specifically, the manifestation of the gendered voice. It is my contention that the gendered voice of Siri is symptomatic of the difficulties in performing trust and transparency in what is essentially an intangible process. As Christian Sandvig has argued, transparency and trust are processes that must be seen in order to be believed but the issue with algorithms is that for the most part they can’t be seen.

The Danger of Tinder as a Cultural Field

According to Hutchby, it is essential to understand how social processes and the properties of technological artefacts are both inextricably intertwined and can in turn result in range of social and technical affordances, which, can have both positive and malevolent consequences Hutchby, However, although certain norms may be established, these can also often be disregarded and make way to less desirable customs of social interaction as individuals are given extensive freedom to meander between the spheres of public and private life.

The erosion of privacy on platforms such at Tinder can therefore allow for disruptive acts, particularly the violence and harassment of women as the possibilities for anonymity and instantaneity come into play.

Beaugrande, R. de (). Text, Discourse and Process: towards a multidisciplinary science of d NJ, Ablex. Bell, A. (). Language style as audience.

The example he gave was Japan being the only country with four distinct seasons. If he pointed out on a TV show that in the U. Now, the government is boarding the Nippon Sugoi! Sekai ga Odoroku Nippon! The four seasons cliche is dragged out, and there is a series of gorgeous photographs of natural phenomena, like ice floes and coral reefs, that allegedly can only be appreciated in Japan. Until recently there was no such programming on TV.

Unthwarted, METI decided to extend the scheme to the ephemeral.

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A begins the analysis by using Gary LaFree’s empirical studies of rape enforcement practices to develop some observations about the kinds of legal strategies most likely to foster women’s sexual autonomy, [FN1] LaFree’s studies illustrate how the institutional structures and decision making procedures of the criminal justice system create the opportunity for rape processing practices to reproduce relations of race and gender subordination. Each discretionary decision point in the system creates a social space in which legal agents can deploy racialized images of male and female sexuality.

Because these images are both racist and sexist, their circulation in the processing of rape cases is a vehicle through which state power becomes embedded in and subordinate to the cultural logic of white supremacy and male supremacy. LaFree’s account of the criminal justice system also suggests why feminist legal strategies that target the criminal justice apparatus have been and are likely to remain ineffective in eliminating rape.

It is precisely because some degree of discretion is inevitable at every decision point in any case processing system that the legal struggle for female sexual autonomy–for freedom from rape and sexual coercion–must move beyond the struggle to reform the substantive criminal laws and the legal procedures through which these laws are enforced.

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Nevertheless, these texts, deemed “holy”, form the core of the canon of Christian dogmatic theology. Are they to be taken literally, mythically or both? Ideological and religious interests make independent, free research difficult cf. Instead of formulating theories based on scanty evidence, a minimal hypothesis should be established. Conflicting data should always be mentioned but -if deemed necessary- criticized. The full weight of modern historical and critical research should be taken into consideration.

But, the existential authenticity of “belief” should -because of the facts of mystical experience – always be respected, although bracketed while doing research. Biblical science is divided in two camps: Their cornerstones are the New Testament and the Apostle’s Creed. Is there is a “nugget of gold” to be discovered in both positions?

AD 75 – Critical historians of the period point out the habit of unknown authors to attribute their texts to a historical person close to Jesus, like one of the apostles Matthew, Peter, Thomas, Paul or one of their converts, like Dionysius. This procedure gave authority to their proposals, a common strategy in Antiquity. Also in the past this had worked cf.

Book of Mormon Chronology Chart

Colin Leys and Barbara Harriss-White 2 April Under advanced capitalism, commodification expands into all corners of social and political life, with devastating consequences. Finding a limit to this process is more urgent than ever. The dominant process underlying the transformation of life in all societies, since at least the mid-nineteenth century, is the conversion of things and activities into commodities, or commodification.

Cambridge: Polity Press, Modernity and Self-Identity: Self and Society in the Late Modern Age. Stanford: Stanford University Press, Giles, David. “Retrospective Accounts of Drunken .

SINCE , three significant streams of transnational social-political movements have gained force: Each has formed cross-border networks and gathered diverse memberships, and each movement has its own unique challenges. One additional factor that distinguishes these new transnational social movements from previous politics is the acknowledgement of the role of emotions, sentiments or effect. In many of these new movements, solidarity and political discourse are as important as performance and entrepreneurship.

These are sponsored in Pakistan by development funds, corporate banks, commercial interests and multinational companies selling beauty products. Worrisome though, are the inherent contradictions in this imagined millennial global culture and the instruments used for empowerment. Can social justice and capital enterprise be hybridised? More transnational than fast food chains, world cities, free trade zones and offshore banking, the proliferation of the beauty industry best represents not just globalisation but its feminisation.

Beauty salons are mushrooming commercial enterprises that have metastasised across the poorest of countries and are, perhaps, the most ubiquitous start-ups in low-income communities across developing nations. Zumba and kick-boxing will make women feel empowered, and in between sessions on violence and factory work they can look pretty too. This is social cosmetic surgery.

Book Series: Studies in Symbolic Interaction

June 6, in Personalization 2 Like the mythical monster, the ancient Hydra organisation of Marvel Comics grows two more heads if one is cut off, becoming more powerful in the process. With the most advanced technology on the planet and with a particular focus on data gathering, Hydra operates through international corporations and highly-placed individuals in national governments. Personalized learning has also been around for centuries. The intent was to solve the practical problems of the classroom by reducing waste and increasing efficiency, effectiveness, and cost containment in education Januszewski, Since then, personalized learning has adopted many different names, including differentiated instruction, individualized instruction, individually guided education, programmed instruction, personalized learning, personalized instruction, and individually prescribed instruction.

Beyond the evolution in media and religion already discussed, the convergence and interaction between religion and media in late modernity are responsive to a number of social and cultural trends. Three stand out. First, the convergence and interaction are most clearly .

Aline von der Assen Koordynator: Czy jest tak jak sugeruje Goethe? Aline von der Assen Project Coordinator: In his iconic novel with the same title the poet Goethe applies the metaphor of chemical substances forming compounds or resisting decomposition to human relationships. As Goethe alludes, can relationships be as predictable and calculable as chemical reactions? For example, computing algorithms evaluate our searches and catalogue our information to match us with advertisements, businesses and interests that relate to what we have previously searched.

The contemporary artistic examination about feasibility in social interaction picks up on the aesthetic discourses of transgressing boundaries and, blurring art and life. Photos, text and objects function like a puzzle piece of personal and random encounters made on his travels throughout Asia and bring several different stories together — transforming each individual into a whole, new meaning.

Recalling amateur home movies and video diaries, these montages of impressions, memories, and imaginings are poetic and self-referential in composition. She is fascinated by the concept that to teach painting is to teach someone to look and observe. The artist uses the teacher-student relationship as a propeller in her work, often testing or reworking her ideas with students. She moves from a microscopic view of one-on-one human relations to a wider view where society chooses how to react to political events.

This piercing voice white voice can spread and push through the noisy, crowded or open spaces in social situations. They become an integral part of the installation itself, because it is only while they are in place and holding the works that the composition is whole.

A Brief History Of Yoga: From Ancient Hindu Scriptures To The Modern, Westernized Practice

Volume 17, Issue 3 , May—June , Pages Exploratory review of route-specific, gendered, and age-graded dynamics of exploitation: Applying life course theory to victimization in sex trafficking in North America Author links open overlay panel Joan A. Reid Show more https: This review of sex trafficking in North America examined prior research regarding victim vulnerabilities through the theoretical lens of life course theory endeavoring to uncover life course dynamics resulting in exploitation in sex trafficking distinguishable by victim type.

However, several instances stretch the boundaries of the dating ad genre. They find ways to comment on, and sometimes undermine, the ageist assumptions that restrict older people’s relational and lifestyle ambitions. Dating advertisements: Discourses of the commodified self.

Using examples of distribution channels such as television, magazines which have the ability of reaching a global audience. The consumption here being that of the commodified female body. Yet plastic surgery has now become a widespread phenomena, openly talked about, celebrated and some celebrities talking to cameras about how it has boost their self image and so on. Both on screen and off screen, the women body has been commodified. Anything that is on the outside can be changed.

The question is what happens when it all starts to fade, more surgery? Similarly, in real life certain women feel pressured or become influenced into believing that the body and face they have a not good enough. Commodity Fetishism is being pushed and hard sold. Both parties willing readers to buy, buy, buy! The four charcters are very rarely seen at work, but they are wealthy enough to spend much of the on-screen time shopping, going to parties, lunching with each other and dating wealthy professional men.

Their lifestyle honestly consisting of the fetishzing of commodities. She has gone on many television interviews and said in magazines interviews that it is not about brands, and that if a viewer wants to have a certain look they should not blindly follow trends, they should dare to mix high and low , meaning wearing brands with pieces of unknown labels.

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Email Honestly acknowledge your questions and your concerns, but first and forever fan the flame of your faith, because all things are possible to them that believe. On one occasion Jesus came upon a group arguing vehemently with His disciples. With the boy still gnashing his teeth, foaming from the mouth, and thrashing on the ground in front of them, the father appealed to Jesus with what must have been last-resort desperation in his voice: But he has an urgent, emphatic desire in behalf of his only child.

We are told that is good enough for a beginning. The plural pronoun us is obviously used intentionally.

1 gender, discourse, ideology and power: a critical reading of (sex)text in cosmopolitan, maxim, mens health, and womens health by tasha shangvi a thesis presented to the graduate school of the university of florida in p artial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of master of arts in mass communication university of florida

Voyage to the promised land. Nephi made two sets of plates. Jacob succeed Nephi as prophet. Enos forgiven of his sins. Efforts to teach Lamanites the gospel were unsuccessful. Mosiah I led the righteous Nephites from Nephi to Zarahemla. King Benjamin reigned in Zarahemla. Zeniff left Zarahemla and established a Nephite colony in the land of Nephi.

Mosiah II became king of Zarahemla. Noah succeed Zeniff as king of the Nephite colony. Alma the Elder was converted—baptized at the Waters of Mormon. Mosiah 17 ; Mosiah 18 Death of King Noah by fire. The twenty-four gold plates were discovered.

The Commodification of the Self

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