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I think this must have kick started my interest in history and archaeology, well, it contributed anyway. Items dug up in my parents’ garden in High Street, Arksey Dad used to tell me that the things he had dug up came from some cottages that used to stand where our house now stood. A teacher I once had at Don Valley school recognised my interest and gave me a rather battered photocopy of a book written by a local lady, it was poorly printed and some of it was missing, but it painted a wonderful picture of her childhood in Arksey in the early twentieth century. I was later fortunate enough to be given a more complete copy by the Bentley with Arksey Heritage Society. A few years ago I began to seriously research the history of Arksey, using tools within easy reach, such as books, maps and the internet. While Arksey may not be the picturesque village it once was I want to remind people that there are still those hidden gems in the old architecture and the surrounding countryside. The Purpose of this Site While I found the process of researching Arksey’s history very enjoyable and absorbing, information is fairly scattered all over the internet and in books; there was no one site I could go to for an in-depth account of the village. So, when I was putting my family history blog together I hit on the idea of creating a similar blog for the village; a history of my home village in one place.

The Tomb of Ramesses II’s Sons, Part I

Kvinner — gullkorn 3: Respect Show us through your actions that you respect our opinions, careers, interests, friends, bodies and minds. Follow the golden rule and treat us as you would like to be treated: Be honest, fair, kind, and considerate.

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Zahi Hawass officially announced our newly discovered tomb, KV on 10 February However, the initial shaft was discovered a few days before the end of our season. KV is the first tomb to be discovered in the Valley of the Kings since Roxanne and Bill Wilson have financed and maintained the KV website since and will continue to do so into the future. We are honored to perpetuate this historical event and record of the KV discovery and the efforts made by many dedicated individuals.

Roxanne and Bill Wilson Dr. Otto Schaden on November 23, Otto Schaden standing outside doorway to KV

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Discovery[ edit ] The vertical shaft of KV63 was re-discovered on 10 March The discovery that the shaft led to a chamber was announced on 8 February , by the Supreme Council of Antiquities , which credited the find to a team of U. The chamber — given the name “KV63” in accordance with the sequential numbering convention used in the Valley — was initially thought to be a tomb, the first new one to be revealed there since the discovery of KV62 , the tomb of Tutankhamun , by Howard Carter in KV63 is located in the area between KV10 Amenmesse and KV62 Tutankhamun , [3] in the very centre of the Valley’s eastern branch and near the main crossroads of the network of paths traversed by thousands of tourists every day.

The discovery was made as the archaeological team was excavating the remains of 19th dynasty workmen’s huts at the entrance to KV10, looking for evidence to clarify the succession of Amenmesse.

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I use a number of archive sources on this blog. Here is where they come from: The archive has existed since , and contains over 17 million items. Physically located in Podolsk. This archive, among many things, contains blueprints, proposals, and reports related to tanks, and, as such, is my most frequently used source. Russian Government Military Archives. Physically located in Moscow. This archive does not deal with tank-related materials very often, and is not frequently referenced by my blog.

Russian Government Military-Historical Archive. Contains documents dealing with the Imperial Russian military until Its documents of interest concern the earliest tanks and armoured cars.

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Performed by the Advent Chamber Orchestra Problems playing this file? This first movement is in sonata-allegro form. It opens with an ascending Mannheim rocket theme.

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Parents of teenagers urged to recognize warning signs of dating violence Parents of teenagers urged to recognize warning signs of dating violence Most parents assume they would know if their teenager was a victim of dating violence, but many can’t name the warning signs, according to an outreach group in the Kennebecasis Valley. Feb 21, February 21 Gail Leadlay, a member of KV Domestic Violence Outreach, is shown here with her family at a memorial bench dedicated to her mother-in-law, Alice Leadlay, who was a victim of domestic violence.

Isolation from friends and family is one of the early signs of teen dating violence. Shutterstock According to the violence prevention group, one research study found 82 per cent of parents who were surveyed felt confident they could recognize the signs if their child was experiencing dating abuse. However, 58 per cent could not correctly identify all the warning signs.

Connecting with youth Healthy relationships is part of the school curriculum in New Brunswick, Leadlay said, but the teaching doesn’t go into great depth. Both events will run from 7 to 8: She has worked for the CBC since With files from Information Morning Saint John.

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Zahi Hawass officially pronounced our newly discovered tomb, KV on 10 February However, the initial shaft was discovered a few days before the end of our season. KV is the first tomb to be discovered in the Valley of the Kings since

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Django, Jamie Foxx a former slave whose freedom is purchased on the road by a glib-tongued German Dentist named Dr. King Schultz Christopher Waltz who also happens to be a bounty hunter. Schultz quickly learns of Django’s skill with a firearm as well as his thirst for revenge against his former slave owners and their employees.

Django and Schultz join forces gunning down fugitives, collecting bounties, and making their way through Texas and eventually to Mississippi to one of the most infamous plantations in the Antebellum South called Candyland. Schultz and Django arrive at Candyland playing the roles of two slave traders in order to find and rescue Django’s estranged wife Broomhilda, a German speaking slave who had been all but lost in the slave trade until now.

Candyland’s sole proprietor Calvin Candie Leonardo DiCaprio is a brutal sadist who specializes in buying, selling, and pitting his Mandingo fighters, the human equivalent to dogfighting or cock-fighting against one another for money. Jackson who senses that Django and Dr. Schultz’ plans may not be what they appear and quickly informs Candie of his suspicions.

Tensions mount and the silver-tongued Schultz tries to smooth over the rough details of his a false business proposition while Django has his hand on his sidearm ready to shoot his way out of Candyland and save Broomhilda at any cost if the deal sours.

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Die eigentliche Bootsklasse wird den Events dann im November zugeordnet. Mehr Infos bei der Internationalen Klasse mp Die Medal Races Live auf Youtube ab

Serina Hayakawa knights visual KV pictures and videos on EroMe. The album about Serina Hayakawa knights visual KV is to be seen for free on EroMe shared by .

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Edwin Richard Foden was the youngest son of Edwin Foden who founded the famous Foden steam wagon whose history dates back to In ER, as he was called, broke away from the family Foden concern and started building diesel-powered lorries, using proprietary units such as Jennings cabs and Gardner engines. ERFS KV models were introduced in , featuring a striking new style cab with an oval grille and panoramic windscreen. It was common on all the KV models and lasted until when another new cab was introduced.

Thank you for reading my guide and I hope you found it interesting! Edwin R Foden broke away from his family Foden concern and started to make his own diesel powered lorries in using proprietary units such as Jennings cabs and Gardner engines. Its distinctive oval radiator grille was quite different from anything offered by other manufacturers and was viewed as very modern at the time. If you would like to find out more about the classic ERF KV lorry art featured in this guide please click here.

Edwin R Foden broke away from the family Foden concern and started making his own diesel powered lorries in using some proprietary units such as Jennings cabs and Gardner engines.

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